Using Essiac Tea For Pets

Cancer affects pets as well. In North America, nearly half of all pets past 10 years old will develop some form of cancer. This poses a problem since chemotherapy and radiation are, more often than not, too harsh for dogs to take. It is also much harder to treat dogs because of the lack of verbal communication between animal and human. Luckily, Essiac Tea for dogs may be administered in small to large doses, as needed.

Essiac Tea for dogs is a much cheaper alternative to traditional cancer treatment and drugs. It’s safe for dogs and works much like the way it works for humans. Having your dog drink Essiac Tea will help strengthen the immune system, as well as destroy both benign and malignant tumors. Blood purification is one of the most important benefits of Essiac Tea as this removes toxins that have accumulated in the body like lead, mercury and other heavy metals. Essiac Tea for dogs is also not just a treatment for cancer, but for arthritis and gastrointestinal diseases as well. You don’t have to wait until your dog falls ill to give this brew. It’s much easier to prevent, than to treat, after all.

Your first instinct may be to administer a larger dose than recommended to speed up the process. Owners are discouraged to increase doses of Essiac Tea in case your dog has undiagnosed bowel problems as properties in this tea may trigger peristalsis, which is the act of moving contents through the bowel. This could cause diarrhea or in some cases, constipation. Prolonged diarrhea causes loss of fluids and overall loss of nutrients.

Large doses are also almost always accompanied by diarrhea because of the presence of the herb, Rhubarb as one of the main ingredients. Since dogs have much shorter digestive systems than humans, it is recommended to increase the amount until they get diarrhea as a threshold, and then decrease the dosage to a normal level.

Dosages of essiac tea for dogs and other pets:

1 – 15 lbs.1/2 oz. of teaOnce a day only
15 – 40 lbs.1/2 oz. of teaTwice a day only
40 – 80 lbs.1 oz. of tea2-3 times a day (or as needed)
80 – 130 lbs.2-3 oz. of tea2-3 times a day (or as needed)

Before giving medicine to any pet, you must determine the correct dosage. The best way to do that is to check your pet’s weight. Aside from the values mentioned in the table above, you can also administer a fraction of the dosage used for humans. For example, an average human’s weight is 140-150lbs. If the directions say, “drink 5 oz. of Essiac Tea” and you have a 50lb. dog, then the estimated dosage is a third of an average human’s dosage, which is 1.67 oz. of Essiac Tea. If you have a 30lb. cat, you would give it a fifth of an average human’s dosage, which is 1 oz. of Essiac Tea.

Methods of Administering Essiac Tea to Dogs:

Perhaps the best and easiest way is by using a syringe or eyedropper. Make sure that they have a water source available 24/7. You can also mix with food or chicken broth, to make it more appealing.