Essiac Tea and Cancer

The practice of using essiac tea for cancer treatment has brought about many questions as to how effective it really is. Many patients with advanced cancer, whom their doctors had given up on, claim that this tea helped relieve their symptoms and send their cancer into remission. And for the worst cases, prolonged their lives even if for just a few more months at the very least. For them the result of this brew was in a better quality of life in their last days. Others who choose to take preventive measures against cancer can also benefit. Essiac tea has proven itself time and time again as an effective cancer treatment with minimal side effects, but unfortunately, most people are unaware that it even exists.

The healing power of this treatment is said to come from the synergistic interaction of the four main essiac tea ingredients: Burdock, Turkey Rhubarb Root, Slippery Elm and Sheep Sorrel. Over the years the original 4 herb essiac tea recipe eventually became a recipe of 8 ingredients with Blessed Thistle, Kelp, Watercress and Red Clover. It is heavily debated between renowned physicians and patients as to which recipe is more effective, probably because Red Clover is rumored to even promote cancer and thyroid problems. Others suspect that this is a greed-driven moneymaking scheme engineered by pharmaceutical companies to discourage patients from opting for this inexpensive treatment as opposed to the more traditional forms of cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation.

Rene Caisse, who discovered the essiac formula when it was passed on to her by one of her patients, conducted countless experiments on the methods of administering this treatment to fight cancer. She was very successful, coming to the aid of thousands of patients for free at her clinic. At one point, she “treated thousands of patients who came from far and near, most of them given up as hopeless after everything in medical science had failed. Some arrived in ambulances, receiving their first treatments lying down in an ambulance; after a few treatments they walked into the clinic without help.” Understandably, the response was staggering, but Rene welcomed them all.

Rene Caisse treated patients with many types of cancer, from the lungs to the pancreas, even the brain. The tea serves to cleanse the body of toxins so as not to compromise the immune system. It repairs damage to the liver by metabolizing waste tissue. It has also shown to be effective in dogs and other animals.

Caisse noted that essiac tea reduced growth to normal sizes once more and eventually broke them down before being naturally expelled by the body. Patients would report that the tumor would swell at first and harden, making them think that the treatment wasn’t working, but then it would start to shrink and eventually break apart. Her belief was that the herbs would act as both blood purifier and anticancer, flushing away destroyed tissue and waste materials as a result of the tumors. Of course not all tumors were completely destroyed by essiac tea, but they were still affected and became more eligible for surgery. This was already a breakthrough at the time for some patients because doctors had already turned them away at that point, saying they could no longer do anything to save them. When all else failed, they turned to Rene and her essiac tea.

It was such a huge turnaround that it began to gain critical acclaim, both positive and negative. Doctors were impressed with the treatment, saying it did wonders to expedite the healing process. It was regarded as one of the most humane and effective remedy to cancer they had at the time. Thousands of patients, including Caisse’s family members, spoke of first-hand results of the effectiveness of using essiac tea for cancer treatment. Patients from neighboring cities heard of this alternative treatment and made the trek to Rene’s clinic in Bracebridge. The Canadian government, however, found fault in what she was doing. She was reported for practicing without a medical license and they publicly denied the effectiveness of her treatment. Nevertheless, patients believed and she treated them secretly within the confines of her home.

Tony Baziuk, a patient with malignant growth on his lip, had received radiation treatment, but to no avail. It was growing at an alarming rate and was easily visible over his nose. He came to Rene Caisse seeking treatment and less than 24 hours later, saw notable results. No longer bleeding through the hole on his lip, he was able to go back to work after a few months. Doctors continued to test the effectiveness of essiac tea as treatment for illnesses. They injected mice with human cancer in order to see if Rene’s cure would have any bearing on the tumors and it did. Their studies showed a regression in tumor size and the mice lived longer than expected. It was such a marvelous experience that “you had to see to believe.” Her method of choice at the time was injecting the serum. Some doctors say that this is one of the reasons why it was so potent; injecting directly into the bloodstream ensures that it is metabolized very quickly, hence the almost immediate results in some cases.

To put it simply, the testimonials of what essiac tea cancer treatment has done for cancer-stricken patients serves as a beacon of hope for those who have tried everything else. It’s the first option for treatment for some, but also as a supplemental treatment for others as well. It boasts a long list of benefits, first and foremost is its anticancer properties. In this day and age despite advancements in modern technology, the cure to cancer still eludes the vast majority of us. It’s taken decades, centuries to make any headway towards curing this debilitating disease and that makes simple, inexpensive, and effective remedies like essiac so valuable. Whether you use it as a preventive measure or as a cancer treatment, essiac tea remains to be a promising option.